Support Christian Filmmakers Retreat

This weekend Roebuck Media is hosting a retreat of 6 Christian filmmakers who have made films about the work Christians are doing around the world. Our goal is to encourage and edify these people who are working in a difficult industry to share salt and light. 

The Kolker family has provided their vacation rental outside of town for a location. Now we just need 4- 6 people to provide a $100 donation to cover the cost of the meals. 

If this is something you would like to support, we would sure appreciate it. As a thank you we are going to collect some of their films and get them autographed for supporters. 

Filmmakers attending include:

David Trotter - http://www.inplainsightfilm.comhttp://motherindiafilm.com
Brian Jonason -

Evan Grae Davis -

Peter Lively -

Jacob Roebuck -



Thanks and God Bless You!